Ninja Mission World Game War 2

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Players will act as Ninja Gaiden little practice many different subjects. And received his mission from teachers to adventure for coins and magic fruit ninja hero, the player must lead a race against time to pass. By the way, players must find each checkpoint and clashed with monsters such as zombies, zombie poison frog jelly Stickman robot head. To release secret weapon out into the player. Have to dodge attacks And collect coins to complete. The player must find the gateway to contribute to the mission it. Players will have teeth fruit. The players will have to travel to the border to help end if Panda Assassin’s Go to accomplish if the player is attacked. Blood and the power is reduced immediately. Players can collect and stone fruits like watermelon to boost blood, players can experience serious problems in the egg along the way. To begin the game, players play, and press into the screen to begin the game, players can force the tribe to run. By pressing the screen Navigate to the left On the right is a button. The attack

Information expression Adventure Series game one.

Player game for coin and stone to make the most points.

Many monsters within the game, such as futon fish Cat vs Manchester tornado.

Beautiful graphics and sound quality

Play control is simple and fun to play both online and offline. Do not use the Net